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Wolf Rajmund

My partner and I had a good time last weekend and we had a great time next time we were going to be sure


Baromi , the bike car is good(L)(L) Divine, how is it, Hajdúszoboszló is the best city in the world, anyone says anything!!!!! Prices, they are irrelevant here now!! Enjoyment matters!!(L) But I've been up there many times, pl: My parents were still in the bathroom, mimeg 4-en (13 years old) we just wanted to go that way:) But it couldn't be, because only people under the age of 18 can go .. oh but it's such rubbish!!:(:( So that's why we missed it. It would be so good if we could just go!!!! Then it really could be a sculptural city in the world;) but so it is!!!(L)(L)
Petra and friends;) From Pécs


Pumpkin is good but I think it's quite expensive to say the least 4 person would like to go for an hour:)but it was good we're going to room again:)


I LOVE Sobit, we come here every year ,we will go now

White Martin

We were here for the first time last summer. It was great. The staff working there were very helpful to us. That's why it's worth the price. We're going to go in the summer now.
White Martin and his family in Salgótarján


Good fun We tried it for the first time this summer and my brothers and I can tell you it was very super you can't think of anything better!

Mrs. Peter

I want to let everyone know, how great fun it is and, how cute the people who work there are, dear ones. I was pleasantly disappointed when one of the biker boys approached us with a very serious and determined character and gave him the fullest possible information about the rules and other information.. I was surprised because she was dressed in black and the seriousness with which she came to us., he was so kind and polite to us. We were here for the first time this summer, but we will definitely go there for a BRINGO!
Yours sincerely, Peter the Great, Győr

Gregóckiné Czövek Ibolya

Cycling is a favorite for both me and my family, we are on holiday in Hajdúszoboszló every year , but we never miss this pleasant pastime! We are very happy, that the vehicles are so beautiful! we hope, they will continue to be available to visitors for many, many years to come!


The bike rides are very good


We're glad, that you have fun with us.
You would, how to send 1 a photo in an email of a bike made by your grandfather?
We look forward to hearing from you.

Hello Bikers


We liked it very much too,so much,when we got home,my grandfather made us a copy.:))


This bike ride is good!


Great thing! then if it will be a good time, we're going to ride a bike with my friends.